Knitwear for the Brady Bunch

Sadly, several knit garments from the first edition of Barbara G. Walker's Knitting From The Top (1972) are not included in the most recent addition. I can only assume they were omitted by mistake, because they are splendid. See more images at I'm Learning to Share.

Notable Replies

  1. That stuff is awesome. You could get that knocked up & vintaged in China for fuck-all and make out like a bandit.

  2. I didn't just HAVE that vest....I MADE it for myself! Same color, even.

  3. Funny how tight-fitting swim trunks on a boy immediately strike as me as skeevy, but I don't think I'd even notice them on a girl. Says something about societal expectations, I suppose.

  4. Well, here in Europe, that's quite different. Here, speedos have been responsible for incredibly embarrassing childhood photos for generations.

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