"Cheap" iPhone 5C comes in color

It's basically the last-gen model in plastic, with iOS 7, a $99 price tag, and nice colors. Put me down for a green one! [Wired]

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  1. stano says:

    Where can I get that $99 dollar iPhone without a bloody expensive 2-year contract?

  2. micah says:
  3. Que the apple faithful on how plastic is in no way an inferior material for phones and where did you get that crazy idea from?

    Oh and our plastic is way better than your plastic.

  4. At $550 off contract (compared to $650 for the 5S), or $2000 on contract compared to $2100 for the 5S this is stunningly expensive. Why would you not pay $100 for for the much better one unless you want to color coordinate it with your crocs?

  5. Nail polish works surprisingly well as a general modding paint for .. stuff! I wanted to camo up some of our Nerf Super Soakers and blue nail polish worked a treat. Waterproof, and way more durable than I expected too.

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