Knife use workshops for kids

If you live near Pennsylvania's Lackawanna State Forest and want your kids to learn to use knives responsibly -- an important skill, endangered by scaremongering and helicopter parenting -- you can take them to Sharp Kids, a half-day workshop on knife use for kids aged 8-12. It's $20, knife included.

Sharp Kids is conducting two half-day workshops on Sunday, October 6, 2013 at the Lackawanna State Forest, Manny Gordon Recreation Center, Thornhurst, PA. Classes for responsible girls and boys ages 8-12 will run from 8am-12 pm and from 1- 5 pm. Each class is limited to 20 students/class. The course will cover knife safety, first aid for cuts, basic outdoor knife skills, as well as guide students through several kid-friendly carving projects. Following instruction and completion of a written test on knife safety, each child will be given their own small, fixed-blade knife to use during class and to keep.

Sharp Kids – Outdoor knife skills (via Free Range Kids)

(Image: knife, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from scottfeldstein's photostream)

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  1. I'm a little bummed that the picture shows a nice pocketknife, but the kids are apparently sent home with fixed knives. Pocketknives are incredibly useful tools and I want more kids to carry them (responsibly) to push back against the tide of panicky fretful parents who go "OMG, your kid has a WEAPON! ARREST HIM!", that are trying to push them out of society.

    Every time I see someone sawing away at something with their keys I just shake my head.

  2. Cory, what is your everyday carry?

  3. Yes! I'd love to see Cory's EDC!

  4. Reminds me of hte bit from Hogfather:
    "You can't giver her a sword!"
    "She could cut herself!"

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