iPhone 5S golden

It has a slightly better camera, a fingerprint sensor, and it comes in gold. [The Verge]

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  1. “Slightly” better camera.

    We have gotten so jaded so quickly.

  2. seyo says:

    Great news! Now the NSA will have a database of everyone's fingerprints! This is so awesome you guys!

  3. seyo says:

    I guess you missed the part about how the NSA has access to data stored locally on your phone:

  4. sam says:

    The thing I look for in an Apple announcement these days is ... nothing stupid.

    Don't try to sell me a revolutionary maps app that sends me to Pakistan when I try to get directions to an Indian restaurant.

    Don't sell me revolutionary speech detection software that has some sort of personal vengeful vendetta against me, thank you HAL.

    I am perfectly happy with the same device, twice as fast with a significantly better performing camera, in low light.

    The fingerprint sensor, unlike speech comprehension, is a solved computer science problem. Technically, it can be implemented in such a way that the majority of users can use it effectively to solve a real world problem, namely the crappy "ilovetwerking" Apple password they all seem to be using.

    Overall, I am happy with the iPhone announcement.

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