Obit for a prolific newspaper site commenter

David sends us "An obituary for a prolific commenter on the news website. This nonagenarian only took to the internet in the last year or so and was prolific in the comments on the site. A touching tribute to a respected member of a community."

The person who commented under "Bob Menzies" was "a lifelong Queensland public servant" who been a member of the Liberal Party since 1950, and who wore a black suit to work every day of his working life.

In reality, the nonagenarian was a lifelong Queensland public servant who survived the Great Depression, served his country during World War II and raised three children with his wife, who died in 2000.

'Mr Menzies' was only introduced to computers in the last year of his life but took to them like a duck to water, according to his children. Advertisement

"Most of all he loved the ability to comment and enjoyed the verbal jousting with other bloggers," his family said.

"It gave him a new lease of life, he was often to refer to the commenters on Brisbane Times as his new friends."

'Mr Menzies' family said he devoured the stories on the site and commented to his heart's content, even taking his laptop with him into a nursing home after a stroke forced him out of his home in November 2012.

Vale Brisbane Times contributor 'Bob Menzies' [Kim Stephens/Brisbane Times]

(Thanks, David!)