Vincent Price ring

Paul Komoda created these gorgeous sterling Vincent Price rings; he's running a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for his living expenses (A "survival art sale") with lots of great pieces in the rewards

(via Neatorama)

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  1. kmoser says:

    This is not a ring; it's a brass knuckle.

  2. When I saw the title, I was kind of hoping this would be about some kind of illegal enterprise. You know:

    Police in London today arrested 35 suspects in what is believed to be
    a "food for art" Vincent Price ring. Police say that members of the
    ring laundered third-rate impressionist paintings in exchange for
    exquisitely prepared home-cooked meals in the mid-century modern
    style. The Met Office claims this is the largest Hollywood-themed
    criminal conspiracy in the UK since the Taylor-Burton costume-jewelry
    heist in 1978.

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