Socks of Catan

Betabrand's "Socks of Catan" are coming in October, at $14 a pair.

When Sarah heard that Catan wanted to collaborate with Betabrand, she proposed that we create clothing immediately identifiable to all Catan fans, something they could wear any day of the week. And so the Socks of Catan were born — they're made of a cotton-poly blend and fit men's sizes 8-12 US. (Note: our BetaTesters have found that these socks fit a women's size 6 and up.)

Are these socks for you? Ask yourself:
* Are my current socks lacking hexagonal tiles?
* Do I want socks that friends would consider trading all their resource cards for?
* Do I have feet?

Socks of Catan (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)