The best pen

According to Wirecutter's survey of top pen bloggers, it's the Uniball Jetstream.

My own favorite, the Pilot Precise (pictured above) comes in joint second place.

Of course, there's rarely any reason not to just use a pencil.

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  1. My money's on the Pilot G-2 Ultra Fine Point (

  2. What the heck? The Pilot Precise is a mass market pen that sells at a reasonable price and can be purchased by mere mortals in any store. Where are the artisanal $85 pens only available direct sale at the manufacturers home on a small island off of the coast of Nova Scotia? This isn't the Boing Boing that I know.

  3. Maya says:

    This is NONSENSE and I expect BETTER of this blog. The oversight in implying this choice of pens is among all pens is frankly egregious, given that it is clear they restricted themselves to widely available types and left out fountain pens entirely on spurious grounds. Anyone searching for a truly exceptional writing experience will find satisfaction in the realm of nibs and ink, and not in icky little disposable plastic jobs. Next we'll be hearing about the superiority of Moleskine notebooks!

    Also, the drug war is genocide and Python should be taught in preschools.

  4. I'd say this "The best pen is…" discussion warrants a whole blog of its own. Too bad is already taken.

    (Note: I can't figure out how to remove the active link, but it probably goes without saying that you shouldn't click on it at work.)

  5. I think it should be noted that all these prominent pen review bloggers picked the Jetstream as the "best pen for the masses" and not Rob's unqualified "the best pen." Each one of these reviewers would likely have picked other pens as the best. I know the Pen Addict guy is more into micro point pens (which happens to be my thing as well). It's tough to get stuff like that in an office supply store in the US though. Go to for the best selection that's easy to get.

    It's like "the best smartphone", well for the majority of users it's probably the iPhone but you'd find tech bloggers picking others as their idea of "the best."

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