Prince Jefri of Brunei: how to blow billions


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  1. patrace

    I bet no one answers his emails because they think it's a 419 scam.. "Dear sir, I am the brother to the Sultan of Brunei..."

  2. writebastard

    That's all you've got? That's the best you can come up with. Kill a bunch of people - the right people, mind you - and then everything will be better.

    Welcome to the entirety of recorded human history as it's been 'till this point.

    How progressive.

  3. dnewman

    I'm from Brunei and it's wonderful to see articles like this out there. It's good to see how much of my nation's wealth blown on pussy, toys, drugs. For all the billions/millions we make everyday from sucking out oil and gas from the ground, so much more could be done to improve the nation as it should have. Sure, as a citizen I get free education ,free medical, and have pay no taxes but all that glosses over the autocratic rule of the royal family that continues to suppress so many freedoms.

    Hell, we're still in a State of Emergency after the last rebellion in the 1960's. To this day, there has been no election held for parliament with all the members selected by the Sultan. Can you imagine that ONE man is the prime minister, minister of finance and minister of defence, talk about a trifecta.

    Boy oh boy, I can't wait for the day the oil runs will be interesting to see what will happen...

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