Ricky Jay really hates the book 'Fooling Houdini'


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  1. jim_h

    I liked the book, fwiw, but then I like most books on the subject of magic. I'm easy to please that way. IMHO Mr. Stone reveals very little about the sacred How It Is Done and more about the physics and psychology involved in being fooled and wanting to be fooled.

    I really enjoyed the description of how thousands of hours of practice can create enough sensitivity in the fingertips to successfully cut a deck exactly in half every time. And how a perfect riffle shuffle (every other card through the deck) six times in a row can restore a deck to its original order...

    These are the revelations, and more power to you if you can develop the skill to master them- mostly he astonishes the reader with what is actually possible rather than some simple explanation of a gaff or sleight.

    Still, I respect Mr. Jay's contributions to the art from "Cards as Weapons" through his work with David Mamet, and eventually to Deadwood. I agree with Mr. Stone, it would be an honor to have him call me an "inept amateur"!

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