What do you carry with you every day?

In the forums, Daneel shares the things that always remain close at hand. What are yours?

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  1. daneel says:

    So, I suggested that @uniqueusername do this, but I'm still up so I figure, why not do it myself?

    I thought we could have a thread where we share our EDCs, show off interesting objects/hacks we have. I bet some people here have some interesting stuff. Who knows, maybe some Boingers will post in here too?

    I'll start, this is what I typically carry with me. Apologies for incompetent photography.

    Top Row:

    Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil
    County Comm Embassy Pen
    Pen Type-A (backed this early on Kickstarter, took forever to arrive, love it)
    Nokia Lumia 920
    Field Notes Fire Spotter Edition
    Obtanium aluminium wallet (another Kickstarter, I love minimal wallets)

    Bottom Row:

    Kaijin's Model-A Brass Fishhook Keyring, with MAKR bottle opener, Lacie IAMAKEY USB stick and NYC transit token from Roosevelt Island Cable Car
    Laco Flieger-B Pilot's watch on James Bond NATO strap
    Best Made Co Higo Knife

  2. Oooo I had to run inside and get my keys so I could share a picture. I'm kind of a minimalist, so there won't be much:

    Main items are:

    • a new-ish AAA LED flashlight, which is pleasingly small and light.
    • the Leatherman Squirt PS4, though I now recommend the newer "both pliers and scissors" version. Need to update...
    • awesome nite-ize S-biners for attaching the Squirt. I could probably use a size 0.5 but I use a size 1 here.

    I also carry a wallet of course, the nice and thin Tyvek Mighty Wallet as I covered in my blog.

    And my iPhone 5, but everyone has that. Booooring.

  3. I'm a mother. The list is too long to write up!

  4. Falcor says:

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