Fan-made Batman scalemaille

Etsy seller CreationsChristopher has listed a $9500 suit of Batman scalemaille, originally made for a Batfan project called Legends: The Dark Knight. It's handmade, took 350 hours to complete, and weighs 60 lbs.

The helm is one of the few pieces not made by me, but it is modified. I bought the helm, modified it with some paintwork and added the knives as ears.

Made with stainless steel rings, this will protect your head - but more importantly, your neck between your helmet and the collar of the breastplate.

The upper body is all one large piece that you put on like a t-shirt, sliding it over your head.

BREASTPLATE - The front (breastplate) is made of small scales to accent the shape of the wearer; it also permits me to inlay designs. This is the most time-consuming part of the armor because 1,000 small scales equals 1 square foot.

PAULDRON - The pauldrons are comprised of large scales and stainless steel rings. Stainless steel chainmaille accents the pauldron and protects the underarm.

BACKPLATE - The backplate is made using large scales and stainless steel rings.

BRACERS: The bracers are made using large scales and stainless steel rings. They have a leather backing that helps the bracer hold its form. They lace up on the inside of the arm, completed with black leather gauntlets.

TASSET/CUISSE: This piece protects your lower body, encasing you in large scales and chainmaille, from your waist to your knees. THE CAPE:
The cape is made from a heavy, black leather-like fabric. It held up incredibly well to a day of fighting/running in the woods. The cape attaches to the breastplate with two heavy steel rings.

Black boots finish off the look and are great if you plan to wear the suit for longer than a few hours. With the added 60 pounds, these boots will protect your feet.

Batman Inspired Scalemaille Suit of Armor. (via Geeks are Sexy)