Real Stuff: Death of a Junkie

"It was springtime in Seattle, and I was a newcomer. One afternoon I found myself at the Seattle Center, taking in the sights. I was standing at the base of the Space Needle, when I spotted a familiar face. It was Tim Gazaway, a casual acquaintance from my hometown of Boise, Idaho." -- From Real Stuff #3 (Fantagraphics, May 1991).

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  1. I'm starting to see these comics as a majorly awesome thing (instead of just pretty cool). There is a real world out there beyond your screens. E is sharing things you wouldn't comprehend as feasible..when really they are what most of your entertainment is based on..situations like these that happen all the time outside of your comfy bubble of awareness. I applaud these comics. Now I never saw any junkies get dumped in a ravine, but people come and go man...

  2. Well, except that he's making up a good bit of it.

  3. tre says:

    what? no, the title is real stuff. he can't be making any of it up. it's clearly all true.

  4. See? If we just stick to polite topics like the criminal disposal of dead drug addicts, no one needs to get hurt, and we can just enjoy some good old fashioned fun.

  5. I've spent a lot of time in the real world beyond my screen, and I don't think it's any major accomplishment to witness horrible and depressing things. It's not hard to hang out on the corner, make friends with strung-out sociopaths, and then watch the horrible things that people do to each other. I don't know why finding a group of folks who don't care enough about themselves or other people to even report a corpse is more real than avoiding that kind of scene. If you think this story is awesome instead of just pretty cool, spend a month at a shelter and get to know the folks who would do anything for a buck. Things will be very real.

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