Dog who is the Houdini of all dogs makes daring stunt-escape from locked kitchen

[Video Link]. From this Reddit thread. It's dangerous, and the poor creature is obviously not happy about being in isolation, but wow. He does it.

(Thanks, Tara McGinley!)

Notable Replies

  1. Sure, but did the dog 'escape' into a much, much deadlier room - to get sliced and diced like Kazan Rennes in Cube?

  2. Looks to me like the dog escaped into the space between the board and a window. I'm sure that worked out well.

  3. I think that was just a kitchen pass through, so the dog likely escaped to the dining or living room.

  4. Oh, derp. I was thinking that was an outside wall, but it's another room.

  5. Stopping the dog from getting out and acting destructive as part of its anxious reaction is not mutually exclusive with trying to help it with the anxiety problem. You can't live in the house until the dog is cured. It WILL have to be let alone at times.

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