Adam Savage video: Ground Rules for Success

The infinitely curious, brilliant, and kind Adam Savage gave the closing benediction at our Boing Boing: Ingenuity theatrical experience at a former Masonic Lodge in San Francisco on August 18. The co-host of Mythbusters, co-founder of Tested, and BB contributor inspired us with his personal story of becoming a maker and outlined ten ground rules for success. Now, we are thrilled to share with you Adam's full presentation. We hope you find it as illuminating as we did!

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  1. Haven't watched the video yet, but I wanted to report a misreading. I read Adam's description as a "mistaker" rather than "maker." It was just a flash.

    I am claiming all rights to the descriptive noun "mistaker." That is definitely what I do.

  2. I like Adam Savage. However, whenever I hear these kinds of speeches about success it kinda bugs me. The kind of success Adam is talking about, the kind where you get public recognition for your work is only available to a small group of people based upon appearance (race, gender, attractiveness), background (middle class or above), and how extroverted you are.

    So when someone is 'successful' in this way i think about all the people who are just as talented, hardworking, and passionate but will never see the same social recognition because of who they are (or rather aren't). It makes pursuing that kind of success seem pointless and self-congradulatory to me. I'd love for someone to give a speach that emphasized being successful in that you are doing what you want on your own terms. That's the only real measure of success that matters to me.

    *I also think the inventor was Dean Kamen stuck_out_tongue

  3. Good talk, but I'm not even that smart and I would have said the same thing about the downloadable Iron Man stuff. If a person enjoys reliving a story by building replicas, great, but it's even better to make your own story. It just won't be retweeted or tumblred as much as some Star Wars fan-art. I'm not sure if those people should be called "makers" or "re-makers".

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