Intricate sculptures carved from pencils

Cerkahegyzo is a Hungarian tool maker. In his spare time, he uses "needles, razor blades, sandpaper, files, and polishing stones" to carve pencils into works of art. Twisted Sifter has a gallery of his incredible work.

Notable Replies

  1. Good nickname! Cerkahegyző means "pencil sharpener" in Hungarian. pencil2

  2. If David Rees is bored with mere artisanal sharpening, then it is time to up his game...

  3. These are amazing. But i couldn't help but notice that the UPC sticker on #4 and #5 are identical and have the same random scratches on it.

    Then i realized that #4 is indeed the same pencil, just before he cut the head in half to make the two-headed #5.

    Very cool.

  4. Not a Blackwing...nothing to see here folks...move along

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