Clash release 12-cd box set with giant fake cigarette

The Clash's new 12-disk set is called Sound System, and is loaded with a bunch of swag, including what looks like a giant cigarette. I don't know what the significance of it is, though.

The new Clash retrospective, Sound System, is a 12-disc monstrosity containing remastered versions of the original band’s studio recordings, three full discs of demos, rarities and live tracks and a DVD of all their videos, as well as plenty of bodacious swag including official Clash fanzines, posters, stickers, badges and even Clash-related dogtags, all painstakingly packaged in an exact replica of Mr. Simonon’s beloved old boom-box.

The Clash Unveils 12-Disc Set: 'We Were Very Busy People With a 24-Hour Lifestyle'

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  1. I think the cigarette is a poster tube. I am still not sure of the significance, though.

  2. In "The Future is Unwritten," Joe says, "All non-smokers should be barred from buying products made by smokers." He goes on to make a direct link between creativity and smoking cigarettes. Which is part of the genius of Joe - agree or disagree, he always made you think.
    Oh, and... stickers!

  3. sumere t' hyde yur weed.

  4. I love how all the Clash boxsets never include Cut the Crap.

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