Projection mapped animation on screens held by giant robot arms

This dramatic video from Bot and Dolly shows off their robotic camera systems by projection mapping a 3D animation onto two screens as they're waved around by one and a half ton robotic arms. In July, Boing Boing co-sponsored the Robot Film Festival held in their incredible studios. There I learned that while this film appears to be shot from a hand-held camera, it's probably made with a camera on a robot arm following a recorded path made by motion tracking a hand-held camera to a tenth-of-a-millimeter precision. Bot & Dolly had no comment on whether or not that's the case in this film.

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  1. Part of me says it would be a cheat, but the rest of me can't wait to see something like this in the hands of a master illusionist...

  2. This is entirely wonderful.

  3. So you are saying that their claim at the beginning of "all content is captured in camera" is a straight up lie?

  4. Having seen their systems and what they're capable of first-hand, I'm fairly certain what you see on the video is exactly as the camera saw it.

  5. So you're positing the existence of eight-foot-tall flat screens with no bezel that are one inch thick, have an internal power supply, and can be swung around like poi? And the floor is a flat screen too?

    They're projection screens. You can see diffuse leaked light against the back wall, as well as the shadows of the screens.

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