This Day in Blogging History: Confronting a troll in real life; Guide to legal immigration; 'Her' webcomic

One year ago today
Confronting a troll in real life: Leo Traynor, a "writer, analyst & political consultant" in Ireland, was hounded off of Twitter by a vicious anti-Semitic troll whose ghastly threats against him and his family were too much to bear. Traynor located his tormentor, though, and got quite a surprise.

Five years ago today
Reason's guide to legal immigration: Reason put together this excellent flow chart (beautifully illustrated by alum Terry Colon!) that describes the various paths of the US immigration process.

Ten years ago today
Her: great webcomic: 'Her!' is a delightfully nasty, minimalist web comic about a little girl, a pig, and various walk-ons.