Hickies: colorful rubber replacement laces for your shoes and boots

This summer, I spotted a set of Hickies shoelace replacements in an airport store while killing time between flights. I was attracted to them because they were safety orange, which is my favorite color. They're marketed as elasticated "lacing systems" for kids who don't want to hassle with tying their shoes, but my wife pointed out that they'd probably look cool in my old black boots. She was entirely correct, and they've also greatly eased the process of slipping the boots off and on at airport checkpoints (and when I get home for the night). They're easy to install, come in a variety of hot colors, and they look damned cool.

HICKIES Elastic Lacing System

Notable Replies

  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I was getting a major Wicked Witch of the East vibe from that pic... Cool laces, though!

  2. Very cool. Love the "laces." But what I really want to know, Cory, is where those boots came from, and where I can get a pair. They're far cooler than the Hickies.

  3. pbw says:

    I think Lazes are a bit better than Hickies maybe.. http://www.lazes.com/

    Either way, these are definitely handy during security theatre etc..

  4. My first thought was: they've killed ronald mcdonald.

  5. They're Cydwoqs.

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