Feral "Forest Boy" was a fibber

NewImageRemember Ray the "Forest Boy" who showed up at Berlin's City Hall in 2011 claiming he had been living a feral life in the woods for five years and didn't know much about himself besides his first name? Turns out he was fibbing. Now he's been sentenced to 150 hours of community service.
From The Local:
"Ray" stuck to his story for months and even attracted the attention of one couple who said he was their long lost son. But he was actually 21-year-old Robin van Helsum from Hengelo in the Netherlands, who was bored with his internship at a telecom company and reportedly confused about the direction his life was taking. This finally emerged 10 months later after people in Holland recognized a picture of him circulated by the German police. Soon after that he was charged with fraud, with Berlin authorities saying they had spent €30,000 looking after him because they thought he was a minor.
"'Forest Boy' faces work after court fraud hearing"

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  1. Unfortunately most of the feral children stories you hear have some sort of major problem. The few we end up tracking down significant detail on tend to be hoaxes, exploitation of disabled kids, or huge exaggerations of legitimately interesting events.

  2. Kaspar Hauser lives. (See Werner Herzog's Jeder Mann gegen sich und Gott gegen alles for a properly Germanic dramatization.)

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