Clear coating five times more impact-resistant than Gorilla Glass 2

Rhino Shield is a clear coating for Gorilla Glass (used in most smart phones) that was developed from a Kickstarter fundraising effort.

Rhino Shield is the product of Cambridge University spin-off company Evolutive Labs. It's made from an impact-dispersing "custom-formulated polymer" that is also highly transparent (it has a transmission rate of over 95 percent), scratch-resistant, and that features an oleophobic coating – that means it repels fingerprints and other oils.

One multi-layer sheet is 0.29 mm thick, and can reportedly be applied to a phone's screen without creating air bubbles or leaving sticky residue. The screen's touchscreen functionality remains intact.

Rhino Shield could save your Gorilla's glass

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  1. shouldn't that be a piece of gorilla glass with a competitor's protective film screen on the left?

  2. Nelsie says:

    "Leaving sticky"? Is that a spinoff series from Breaking Bad?

  3. Eksrae says:

    I thought that the standard test was an eyedropper full of blue water.

  4. they're missing a huge merch tie-in opportunity


    Clear coating five times more impact-resistant than Gorilla Glass

    this is one of those headlines that is full of parsing pitfalls due to headlines' convention of omitting articles and "to be"'s conjugations, and that "coat" is both a noun and a verb. It is supposed to read

    "A **(presumably new type of) clear coating **IS five times more impact-resistant than Gorilla Glass"

    but it reads (to me, anyway) as

    "Applying five layers of a special new clear coat (as in polyurethane etc.) over your phone's screen makes it five times stronger than the proprietary glass known as Gorilla Glass that you may not have on your phone to start with."

    Ain't English a delightful little language?

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