DiFi admits that the NSA is wiretapping the Internet's backbone

Ever since whistleblower Mark Klein revealed that he'd build a secret wiretapping room for the NSA at AT&T's San Francisco switching center, we've known that the NSA was illegally wiretapping the Internet's backbone. But the government has steadfastly denied it. However, as Bruce Schneier documents, Senator Diane Feinstein has let slip that the NSA is tapping the backbone on several occasions, though president Obama continues to deny it.

Notable Replies

  1. Diane, Diane. . . If you can't take someone out with just a banana-clip, then you shouldn't own a Kalashnikov.

  2. When you absolutely, positively have to kill every last motherfucker in the room...

  3. " let slip that the NSA is tapping the backbone on several occasions"

    More like constantly.

  4. I'm glad it's democrats doing these things so we can finally have more conservatives on board in decrying these actions (finally). When GW Bush and other republicans did this shit back in the day, you didn't hear a peep from most conservatives about it (except to defend it and/or call you unpatriotic for calling it out).

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