Video: How to make chocolate out of nothing

In this video, Mariano Tomatis shows how to create chocolate out of nothing. Here is his explanation of this wonderful phenomenon, known as a missing square or vanishing area puzzle. (Thanks, Ferdinando Buscema!)

Notable Replies

  1. The chocolate bar appears to have the left column molded slightly differently from the others, so that the horizontal rows align better after he's swapped sides. Curious.

    Also, if you want to see where the chocolate has gone, stick a Post-it note on your monitor whose bottom edge is aligned with the top of the bar, then see how the bar gets shorter after the swap. It should be exactly 1/4 square shorter.

  2. You hipsters just hate to admit that magic is real. The true mystery is why anybody would want to make white "chocolate" appear.

  3. Preach it brother. Is there anything more disgusting than white chocolate? Rhetorical question BECAUSE NO.

    I don't like dark chocolate, but I support the forces of milk and dark chocolate banding together against our true enemy:

    That shit is nasty.

  4. Well... Somebody has to jump in in White chocolate's defense!
    White chocolate is delicious! It is one of the most delicious substances on earth, unfortunately "Big Chocolate" has introduced a slander campaign to besmirch white chocolate's good reputation, All you WC haters are just pawns in the big international Chocolate conspiracy perpetraded by Big Chocolate!
    open your eyes!

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