Calming manatee is your new stress-reduction tool

Manatees would like to remind you that it's alright. You're a good person. You just need a hug.

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  1. We need to save the manatee by breeding them down to a variety about 3' long, so every celebrity can have a manatee pond.

  2. Manatees are always relaxing, but do you know what works just as well? Jellyfish. The Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati seems to have changed, but when I was there a few years ago they had an amazing design. One large room was an otter exhibit. The plastic rocks and plexiglass walls created a serious echo, and the otters, being active and playful, had everyone screaming and talking loudly.

    The next room was the Jellyfish Gallery. Dark, quiet, and with maroon velvet seats and plush walls it was a sharp, and welcome, contrast to the otter room. Walking through you got wired, then relaxed just as quickly.

    Of course keeping your own jellyfish can be pretty stressful, but the jellyfish lamp is a decent substitute.

  3. Ratel says:

    Petting jellyfish: also stressful.

  4. In Galveston, Texas I was canoeing around a small bay and a jellyfish moved alongside my boat for a while. In the wild that's as close as I wanted to get. On that same trip a Portuguese man-of-war washed up on the beach. Closer than I wanted to get. There were also dozens of moon jellyfish on the beach. I don't know if that was a special event or if that part of Texas is just regularly cnidaria central. If it is, well...

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