'Metastasis', a new 'Breaking Bad' en Español with 'Walter Blanco'

Metastasis," starring Diego Trujillo, will air on Univision’s UniMas in the U.S.

Sony Pictures Television has partnered with Colombian television production firm Teleset to produce the Breaking-Bad-in-Spanish remake 'Metastasis'.

Notable Replies

  1. Herr says:

    He will partner up with Jesse Hombre Rosa! Van a romperse mal!

  2. I watched Gladiator dubbed into Spanish on a bus in Ecuador, and it was significantly more badass. I'm officially intrigued.

  3. Yeeeahhhh...but this isn't a dub. It's a remake. Which seems...I don't know. Too soon springs to mind.

    Besides, what are they going to do about "Negro Y Azul: The Ballad of Heisenberg?" For parallelism it should be performed by an English-speaking gangster rap group that no one in Central/South America has heard of.

  4. edgore says:

    Where is it going to be set? Hasn't Columbia has socialized medicine for, like, 20 years?

  5. blambo says:

    Wouldn't it be great if Jose gets sent up to the US to straighten out Walter Whites Meth operation?

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