Offpsring trait likelihood checker patent criticized

From the BBC:

A patent for a database that uses DNA testing to tell prospective parents which traits their future offspring may inherit has been criticised by experts. 23andMe says its Family Traits Inheritor Calculator can predict the risk of inheriting specific diseases as well as details such as height, weight, eye colour and even personality.

The world will have more gingers; you cannot stop me!

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  1. dacree says:

    Prejudice masked as humor. Well done sir. You must be from the internet.
    BTW the one on the left is just a girl with a dye job.

    Only a Ginger can call someone a Ginger

  2. I will be interested to see if Althea comes out a redhead.

    Us, too. Though, if she's anything like me, it'll be a good 12 months or so before she has much in the way of any hair at all.

    The current joke: If she's a brunette, we'll love her just a tiiiiinnny bit less.

    (And, if she's a ginger, we'll be raising her with a healthy wariness of people who sexually objectify her based on her hair.)

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