Effort to make a house from the SF Bay Bridge scrap

ScrappppWhen the newly-replaced Oakland span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is demolished in the next few years, the scrap will be sent to China. David Grieshaber has other plans for it. He's launched BayBridgeHouse.org, an effort to recycle just a bit of the material into a house and multi-use space.
The project plans to build one of the most advanced eco sustainable houses to date, using recycled pieces of the bridge as the structure of the building. We are looking for creative out of the box designs that preserves the historic look and some design elements of the Bridge. Concrete, steel and glass, we do not intend to use any wood and plaster as a building material. The designs must utilize as much of the old bay bridge in the design as possible. This includes trusses, steel I-beams, steel girders, steel plates, wires, gates, fencing, ladders, walkways, concrete, and any other parts associated with the bridge. The location of the house will have a view of the New Bay Bridge.
Bay Bridge House (thanks, Jason Tester!)

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  1. daneel says:

    Why not build a bridge out of it?

  2. From what I've seen of dismantled steel structures, typically the results are an unwieldy swirling mass of metal. The destruction of the bridge will probably significantly affect the durability of the steel, and then re-working the steel is likely to be more effort than just melting it down and recreating it.

    I imagine the firm in China has similar plans as the project, and was the best bidder for recycling the metal into something new. And, like most recycling, it'll happily go into those shipping containers that we receive full and then sit around waiting to head back overseas.

  3. JoshP says:

    This is what I think when I think lots of repurposed plate steel.

    Dangerous lead would be in the paint that (were it to exist) have to be manually (wire brush, sand blast) or chemically removed. Depending on the scale of the structure I don't see that it would be limiting to the funds. Put a sealer on top and any residue is trapped in, again. Could be very airy and light, even open to the sides and have a real 'spanny' feel.

  4. In particular, it would make a great spare bridge, in case something bad should happen to the new replacement bridge.

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