Glitché is the evil twin of all those old-film, toy-lens, Instagram-style apps. Pick a photo, then glitch it all to Hell with broken NTSC emulation, weird 3D pixelation and heightmap extrusion effects, and delicious MPEG-style compression errors. For a $1 upgrade, the free app lets you save animated GIFs, too. [via Joel Johnson, below]

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  1. The glitch aesthetic is a logical reaction against the fact that the flat design aesthetic is now mainstream and pedestrian. Hence we get things like and

    It also makes sense culturally speaking. There was a steady flow of sci-fi, rocket, and space themed design after Obama got elected in 2008 as the 20- and 30-somethings all unconsciously believed that finally the future was here, and we'd all grow up to be astronauts after all. Realism, skeuomorphism, and organic, earthy designs were no longer cool, and everybody's gaze lifted back up to the stars. The flat aesthetic delivered that sleek, futuristic feeling.

    But of course now everybody has realized that Obama is just another president. And a US President is a US President. We're not all going to be astronauts. Many of us aren't even going to be our 2nd or 3rd choice of what we wanted-to-be-when-we-grew-up. Hell, we don't even have the space shuttle anymore.

    We don't have flying cars and jobs in space. What we have is an endless supply of new digital devices and constant connectivity. The dream of our future seems like it might be broken. There's a glitch somewhere. We are unconsciously reminded of MTV's astronaut on the moon holding the flickering, technicolor flag.

    So glitch design is avant-garde, and destined to influence us all.

    As a disclaimer... this isn't really about Obama the person. It is about the cultural symbolism of the Presidency in the US, and the power of the campaign messages that surround it. I wish I could leave his name out of it because I'm not making a partisan point, but I honestly think the presentation of Obama as an icon during the run up to 2008 was significantly influential to young people.

    See also: the glitched out sounds of dubstep music.

    Disclaimer #2: I am not a cultural theorist, and I have no idea what I'm talking about.

  2. The thing is, Rob, I could instantly recognize you in that picture.

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