"For Sale"

Photo: Rob Beschizza (cc)

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  1. IMB says:

    Bright and sunny second floor!

  2. Spocko says:

    Listed on the Coldwell Banker's books as a 596,000 asset.
    This is NOT a toxic asset!
    This is part of a AAA package!
    Your pension fund owns one 356rd of it as part of a Credit default swap securitized asset.
    The papers were Robo signed an the clear title is unknown.
    All of this is legal. all of this is fine. You helped pay for this as part of the TARP program. SO in a way you already own it.

    Move in Ready!

  3. Where is this by the way? Reminds me of St Louis City where I live, but it could be Detroit or Baltimore too. Cleveland or Gary maybe?

  4. This looks like the house that burned down in the middle of Penn Avenue's "Bride Row" in Pittsburgh a couple months ago. The row of houses (long ago dilapidated and vacant, but just on the edge of a revitalizing/gentrifying area) got its name because of the mural on a nearby apartment building.

  5. daneel says:

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