‘Breaking Bad’ characters drawn in the style of ‘The Simpsons’

"Brussels-based illustrator and art director Adrien Noterdaem loves to make Simpsons-ized versions of TV and movie characters," say our friends at Dangerous Minds blog. "Recently he turned his attention to Breaking Bad and came up with these delightful images."

Notable Replies

  1. I am the one who kno-diddli-ocks!

  2. I realize that Boing Boing has a relationship with Metzger and Dangerous Minds, but isn't it bare minimum internet courtesy to link something like this to where the content creator posted it, not to some re-blogger?

  3. edgore says:

    I wish that it were possible to have a Saul - Lionel Hutz face off.

  4. "Breaking Bad" is so like, two weeks ago.

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