Drawing a potato chip bag

James Gurney says: "Using colored pencils and markers, Marcello Barenghi draws a super-realistic potato chip bag. Here's his list of the art materials he uses for these videos."

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  1. Why doesn't he just take a photo of a potato chip bag and use the time he spent drawing a potato chip bag to draw something else?

  2. Well, it looks like an interesting challenge to draw - it's very shiny and colorful, with a very particular behavior (and pattern, in the torn parts).

  3. this. my snarky earlier post aside, having studied drawing in school, I can confirm the "interesting challenge" part, although I see @carlosdanger's point, too. If you're learning to draw, this type of drawing is like a final boss. you really have to draw what you see, there's no way to fake your way through it. My instructors used to crumple huge sheets of kraft paper; or krinkle, fold, bend and tape to itself; all types of stuff. then they'd put it on the dias in the center of a room, light it dramatically, and we'd draw it for three hours from whatever perspective our desks happened to land on. once you can draw those, you can draw anything. in terms of a tutorial or an exposition (which is what the video is) it can't be beat.

    but I see carlos's point. as subject matter, it sucks. it's like in studying music, there are "etudes" designed to force the student into playing all the most difficult fingering of their instrument, and to play them is a huge accomplishment. But they're not designed for listening pleasure, particularly for a general audience. However, like the drawing, it's OK to enjoy etudes if they appeal to you.

  4. Photography is a skill - sometimes an impressive skill.

    Yes, and if you took the time to set up a professional studio shoot to get the photo of the potato chip bag just right, with all the reflections and shadows how you want them to be … well then you might almost as well draw it and use the time you spent setting up the shoot to photograph something else.

  5. ferg says:

    I just gave up drawing.

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