Ted Chiang's "Story of Your Life" headed for the big screen

Here's some spectacular news: Ted Chiang's incredible science fiction story "Story of Your Life" (which won the Nebula and Sturgeon, and was reprinted in his fantastic collection Stories of Your Life and Others) is being adapted for a feature film by director Nic Mathieu and producer Shawn Levy. We published an illuminating interview with Ted in 2010. He's one of science fiction's genuine good guys, and "Story of Your Life" in one of the genre's outstanding pieces. Plus, short story adaptations tend to be more successful than novel adaptations (a lot more happens in a typical novel than happens in a typical film).

Ted Chiang’s acclaimed work “Story of Your Life” is being adapted for film! The story, which is collected in Stories of Your Life and Others, won the 1999 Sturgeon Award and the 2000 Nebula Award for short fiction. It has a premise that should be perfect for the screen: when an alien race, the Heptapods, lands on earth, a linguist, Dr. Louise Banks, is tasked with learning their language. The catch is that the Heptapods have one language for speaking and another for writing—and studying the written language forces Dr. Banks to deal with questions of free will, determinism, and her memories of her daughter.

Ted Chiang’s “Story of Your Life” is Coming to the Big Screen!

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  1. Oh hell to the yeah! There isn't a single Ted Chiang story I wouldn't ante up to see on the silver screen.

    Not sure what you mean by one of science fiction's genuine good guys, unless you were simply being understandably effusive. He's certainly a good guy.

  2. SteveT says:

    Ted Chiang is wonderful - he's written so many excellent things and every new story is an event. Oddly enough though, I've never really warmed to this, his most famouse story. But still, good news.

    Jopho's mention of Outer Limits, above, makes me dream of a world in which a revived Outer Limits (or Twilight Zone) does versions of stories by Ted Chiang and Greg Egan. That could be something special.

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