Iconic puerco-cannibalistic barbecue joint sign for sale

This barbecue joint is located near my childhood home, in Richmond, Virginia.

Well, it was. It's being torn down today, according to North Richmond News.

The home where I grew up was condemned, demolished, paved over, and replaced with a mall. Perhaps this classic icon of hillbilly culture will be, too. Maybe a Starbucks will sprout in its ashes.

Bill's specialized in traditional Virginia-style pulled pork barbecue in a fermented cayenne vinegar sauce. There are many regional varieties of barbecue in America. This is the kind I was raised on, not the kind that became mainstream American BBQ, not that sweet, thick sauce.

Bill's was famous for a wide variety of carby, sugary, fake-whipped-cream-topped pies, too. And limeade drink.

I remember the food tasting good. But then, when we were children my brother and I sometimes ate cat food out of curiosity, so we were no culinary connoisseurs.

Anyway. Bye-bye, Bill's.

You can buy the signs if you want:

"The signs out front are all for sale. The entire set on the pole is $5,000. The main sign can be had for $3,000, and the pigs are $1,000. Contact Mitzi Wyatt-Jenkins at (804) 338-4258 to purchase."

All hail autophagy.

And blame Obama.

(Via Doug Dobey)