This Day in Blogging History: Video game tights; UK PM portrait made from CCTV cameras; Why were early PCs beige?

One year ago today
Video-game tights: Etsy's eatmeclothing makes kick-ass video-game themed tights, including a Galaga set, Wonderboy, and Bubble Bobble.

Five years ago today
Over-surveilled Brits build giant picture of their leader out of CCTV cameras: I've just come back from Parliament Square in London, where about 30 of us have spent the morning building a giant picture of Prime Minister Gordon Brown out of photos of CCTV cameras and other surveillance state ephemera.

Ten years ago today
Why were computers beige colored? I seem to remember reading that some researchers (at 3M?) used focus groups to determine that beige was the most non-obtrusive color to use in an office setting.