Phoenix TSA makes breast cancer survivors remove their prostheses

The Arizona Republic has found a large cohort of elderly and retired people who claim to have been abused by TSA staff at Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport. The passengers claim that they were required to remove their prostheses (particularly prosthetic breasts worn by cancer survivors), and that their objections were met with threats and hostility.

One woman wrote that an agent ordered a pat down of her prosthetic breast and refused to conduct the search in private, before a flight in May 2012.

"She made me pull it out in front of the world. When I got upset I was told to shut up. I have never been so humiliated in my life," the woman wrote. "The TSA has overstepped their bounds and ruined my vacation."

Two weeks earlier, another passenger wrote that TSA agents twice patted down her breast in as many weeks.

"Since this has occurred at two different checkpoints on two different dates, TSA clearly must have a procedure in place (that) requires that women with breast prosthesis to be singled out and treated in this cruel and humiliating manner," the woman wrote.

There is no record that the TSA responded to the second woman. When it does, it's usually a form letter.

Phoenix airport screening draws angry complaints [Sean Holstege/The Arizona Republic]

Notable Replies

  1. thaum says:

    Yes. Why wouldn't it be?

    You get to enjoy and inflict bodily humiliation on innocent people for the sake of it. What is that but not sadism?

  2. Do dentures wearers have to remove their dentures?

    How about people with glass eyes? Or metal securing their bones? What about artificial heart valves? Or clothes!

  3. When people fly in Europe (from one Schengen Zone country to another, although it may apply to the entire EU - I can't remember for sure), we don't go through porno scanners, we don't get groped, hell we don't even have to take our shoes off when going through the metal detectors.

  4. These guys have to go. Get rid of them. Fire them all. They provide no security at all! The government critters are complaining about the budget? Cut the TSA! Cut the DHS! Enough!

  5. girard says:

    Also, while cops can often be horrible, nasty, and murderous, there have certainly been documented cases where they have been helpful or saved lives. The TSA has not saved any lives in their years of security-theater traveler abuse.

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