Consoul, a story of 8-bit life and death

"Videographic shamanism" from Lasse A. Gjertsen.

It is a story about a persons life and death told in 8-bits video game graphics. I made it in about half a year together with my friend Trygve Knudsen, who made the 3D-sequences. I made all the 8-bit-shit :) We worked on and off with it from February 2008 and completed it in January 2009. It has been screened at a bunch of film festivals all over the planet, and is originally made for 35mm film with surround sound (kicks in during the 3D-sequences).

[Video Link] [Thanks, Yngvar!]

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  1. kpkpkp says:

    Why driving (and not biking) to and from the bike shop?

  2. Well, you really have to ask Lasse Gjertsen about that, but a good place to start is to watch it with annotations on. He mentions that the grid was originally twice as long, but he had to shorten it because of all the driving. I suppose the point where the protagonist switches to a bike helps to illustrate when he falls on hard times.

    Oh, and you're welcome, Rob. smile I thought you'd like it.

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