NSA chief and top deputy expected to depart by early 2014

Reuters today reported that Keith Alexander, the director of the U.S. National Security Agency, is expected to step down in the next few months along with his second-in-command.

Notable Replies

  1. grimc says:

    I wonder where he's going to make his millions. Surveillance drone manufacturer? Private internet surveillance firm? RIAA?

  2. gsilas says:

    I wonder who will be the first added to the watchlist when the next successor is crowned?

  3. NoWar says:

    If there is enough pressure, they change the guard. What will become of his programs? He succeeded Poindexter, who will succeed him? What terrible ideas will they choose to curate? Will the NSA go away? The data centers? The forensic devastation of our privacy and identity? Only sometimes does the replacement better its predecessor. I am not optimistic in our circumstance. A man can take a fall but what comes next?

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