Scientific American blog editor accused of harassment

Barely days after Scientific American was embroiled in one sexism scandal, another one lights up. Hamilton Nolan reports on allegations of harassment leveled at a SciAm editor by several writers. Though Bora Zivkovic has resigned from ScienceOnline's board, "Scientific American told a reporter that they investigated the initial charges a year ago, but there is no indication that Zivkovic will lose his job there." [Gawker]

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  1. I thought that the mention of rape came from Kathleen Maven's posting where she lists multiple incidents that have happened to her over the years, from multiple people. No names were mentioned, but one of the items ("You cannot meet me for coffee under the guise of wanting to talk about a potential internship, only to talk only about yourself, and later act like I don’t exist") seems similar to Byrne's posting. There's nothing close to suggesting that Zivkovic had raped anyone.

  2. IMB says:

    Ah, you are correct. Deleted.

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