Panasonic's Lumix GM1 is a pocketable, retro-styled MFT camera

Panasonic's Lumix GX7, released last month, stuffed high-end features (including in-body stabilization, WiFi and 24fps video, a rarity in Micro Four Thirds models) into a body rather lighter than other high-end models. I didn't go for it, though, because it's still just a bit too chunky for my lazy tastes. I want something barely a smidgen larger than a point-and-shoot, that I can screw all my MFT lenses into, and which has the same rangefindery good looks as Fujifilm's X-series models.

Enter the $750 Lumix GM1, which seems to offer all of this, albeit with some compromises.

Shooting 16mp RAW stills at up to ISO 25,600, it has focus peaking, WiFi image transfer and a 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 kit zoom that retracts electronically to pancake-length when turned off.

There's a remote control app for Android and iOS, and it shoots 24/60 fps 1080-line video (25/60 in PAL-LAND). There's also a silent operation mode, pop-up flash and the usual complement of filters and creative options. But there's no shoe, no viewfinder, and like the GX7, it lacks external mic and headphone jacks.

According to this image on Panasonic's official website, it even comes in the 70s brown leather trim so critical to my photographic technique.