The A to Z of Stephen King Cinema, a comic of greatness

Jeremy Wheeler has a new comic for Esquire on the A-Z's of Stephen King Cinema. Click through for the entire alphabet of exquisite terror.

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  1. The Stephen King Quantum Leap episode was really very good. Genuinely creepy (unlike the several other horror-themed episodes), and one of my favorite episodes of the show (one of my favorite shows).

    He wrote an episode of The X-Files, and... it's bad. Except for the part where Scully fries the evil doll in a microwave (spoiler alert), which seems to have been filmed to be intentionally funny. I read that Gillian Anderson thought the whole episode was supposed to be a joke and was saying all her lines sarcastically, and had to be corrected by the director. Based on the end result, I think she had the right idea.

    Lots of stuff in the comic I haven't seen. Definitely a few things to check out. I actually kind of enjoy how unbelievably uneven Stephen King TV and movie stuff is - some of it is so, so bad, while some of it is truly great.

  2. I'm continually flummoxed by the number of cartoonists and other cultural obsessives who seem to know practically everything about their own particular obsessions. I saw "MISERY" recently and saw "LAWNMOWER MAN" when it came out. I think I've also read one or two light-hearted King articles in "Entertainment Weekly" - it's astounding to me that individuals (such as this cartoonist) have the time, stamina and ability to mentally collect the work of other people (ie; Stephen King) and spew it back forth as if it is the very SUCHNESS of their lives. It's kind of sad (in a way) that things like movies and TV shows have co-opted the time of so many. The closest I've ever come to building an obsession over another person's work is my deep love for Sherwood Schwartz's "Gilligan's Island" - but to take that love beyond a simple appreciation and into a world of microscopic analyzation does not interest me. BTW Kathy Bates WAS good in "MISERY"!

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