Venn diagram of anticonventional objects

As someone who gets off on material culture (but struggles with space constraints, financial reality and environmental concerns), I was struck by Bruce Sterling's Venn diagram depicting "anticonventional objects" -- a phrase that pretty much sums up my wunderkammer urge.

Update: See also Mark's account of Bruce's presentation of this graphic at Maker Faire Rome.

*A prettier version of an earlier sketch of mine.

Notable Replies

  1. Espionage gear isn't desirable? But it's so much fun to use!

  2. This diagram makes zero sense to me. I understand Venn Diagrams, but have no idea what this is trying to represent.

  3. where it says "EXCESS TECHICAL CAPACITY" I'm going to assume there's a typo there and it's missing an "N"...

  4. snax says:

    Pretty much every item listed as Desirable, Profitable, but Not Buildable can in fact be built.

    I actually worked at a Theater Scene Shop and can assure you that Theater Sets, Props, and Costumes are all much more Buildable than they are Profitable.

    Some things that are Desirable, Profitable, but Not Buildable:


  5. If you read it with Sterling's delivery it makes a hell of a lot of sense. Well, enough sense for twenty minutes of good material, anyway.

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