Scratch-built, thoroughly documented, working 1/4 scale V8 engine

An epic, two-year thread on the Home Model Engine Machinist boards documents Keith5700's astounding journey to scratch-build a working, 1/4 scale V8 engine. It's an insane read, as Mr 5700 discovers a lot of difficult things the hard way, while a community of teeny-thing machining enthusiasts cheer him on and offer advice, leading to triumph after triumph. The photos alone are worth clicking through all 35 screens (I've put some of the best after the jump).

1/4 scale V8, first project. (via OhGizmo)

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  1. How does one make a 1/4 scale V8 engine? Isn't V8 just a description of the cylinder count and orientation? You can make one any size you please, can't you?

  2. I thought that too, but in the thread, he mentions that the design 's loosely based on a Chevy big block. So yeah, more accurately, it's a 1/4 scale of a particular V8, not V8's in general.

  3. dacree says:

    Yes he did. That forum is full of instructions on how to make them.

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