Nightmare bugs: Answers to your questions about antibiotic resistance

Last night, the PBS show Frontline aired a new documentary about antibiotic resistance and the growing risks we all face from the increasingly untreatable bacteria that live in both hospitals and our communities. Starting at noon Eastern/11:00 Central, I'll be moderating a live web chat with the documentary's producers and infectious disease expert Dr. Sean Elliot. We'll be talking about the film, but we'll also be taking your questions and trying to add some context to the fear. We know antibiotic resistance is a big problem. So what can we actually do about it?

You can follow along with the chat and submit questions here:

And here's Frontline's page on the documentary and this conversation.

Image: Mixed Culture 2 Detail, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from nathanreading's photostream

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  1. omems says:

    I work in molecular biology but I've never seen a plate streaked like that. How was it done? It looks a lot like a circos plot.
    Beautiful, even if what it implies is less than inspiring.

  2. omems says:

    "Please note that your questions will not immediately appear in the chat, and that we may not have time to include all questions submitted. Questions may also be edited for length."
    I guess that means it's moderated.

  3. If they don't answer your questions, send them my way. They might make good fodder for stories here!

    (And I just asked your question about who is in charge of death certificates, IMB)

  4. Google images seems to think it's a picture of a plate that's used bioMerieux's ChromID (tm) CPS (r) system. Never used it so can't say why it looks like that.

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