NSA: National Insecurity

Tom sez, "This clip takes aim at the NSA and their spying, snooping ways - it's made by somegreybloke, and features Jeremiah McDonald (who clocked up 11 million views on YouTube with conversation with my six year old self) & Max Koch, another US based comedian, cartoon maker and funnyman."

This is pretty good, but moves into "inspired" territory around 2:01.

NSA: National Insecurity / somegreybloke | MASHED (Thanks, Tom!)

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  1. In scriptwriter world? Code doesn't even have to be compiled in scriptwriter world. There's an episode of Bones where a computer virus infected the forensic lab's computers by being scanned into the computer on a set of bones. An evil computer hacker killed a person, scratched markings onto that person's bones, then when they were 3D-scanned into the computer, those markings somehow became a computer virus. Yeah.

  2. that's technically possible in the real world if the attacker knows the scanning system well enough to find a software vulnerability that will allow data to be treated as code - that happens with more general use software all the time.

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