TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix, featuring "How the World Ends," and More Fun!!

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH various Characters do Certain Things in a feature called Super-Fun-Pak Comix. (Does Phil Collins appear? Yes.) DID YOU REALIZE your brain could have been made aware of Flathead McBignose a full day before his existence was foisted on the world at large? Yes, members of the elite and prestigious INNER HIVE get early access to Tom the Dancing Bug comics, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!


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  1. Previous Super-Fun-Paks have taught us how to draw Doug...what would be even better would be to teach us how to draw Phil Collins.

  2. Celebri-Science takes me back to when the Sunday comics I read had a strip that was a brief biography of a person who was famous at the time. I say "at the time" because a person's appearance in that strip seemed to guarantee they'd disappear from the news within a week.

    I did cut out and save the one about John Cleese, though.

  3. Just for those who are curious, but not so curious as to look it up themselves - assuming that a year on one of Saturn's moons is the same as a year on Saturn, and one Saturnalian month is still 1/12 of a Saturnalian year, then he has about 15 Earth years to live.

    The more you know.

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