"X-Ray Film": avant-garde 1968 short with avant-jazz soundtrack

"X-Ray Film" (c.1968) by Chris Munger. According to the Creative Film Society 1972 catalog, it's a UCLA student film that "makes a cynical comment on our romantic naiveties of our bodies, particularly in terms of lovemaking." (via I Hate This Film)

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  1. IMB says:

    I actually kind of loved it. It wouldn't have been the same without that uncomfortable music.

  2. I think it was just "avant," no "jazz."

    (EDIT: Not meant as a snark... I really don't hear any connection to jazz.)

  3. Shazam tells me it is Henk Badings' Capricio for Violin and two sound tracks.

    wiki says: "A prolific artist, he had produced over a thousand pieces at the time of his death. He died in Maarheeze in 1987."

    On second listen it is not so bad. Maybe a bit of cliche because of its age. First strains are just too damn familiar.

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