Mitt Romney's bookcase-concealed secret room

Mitt Romney is building a new family manse in Salt Lake City, and it includes a hidden room that you access via a swinging bookcase.

The property, which abuts the Jordan and Salt Lake Canal, will include multiple lawns and terraces, a fountain, a fire pit and a gazebo. An outdoor spa will be accessible from the master bathroom.

With the exception of two of the three upstairs bedrooms, the living space is mainly on the first floor. The three-car garage is expected to have an apartment constructed on top of it at some future date.

Then there’s that hidden room. The architectural drawings say it’s for "office storage." It measures 11 feet long and is lined with cabinets. The "hidden door," as it’s labeled on the documents, is masked as a bookshelf and swings into the study. There are no other details, and Romney’s spokeswoman declined to comment.

The hidden room inside Mitt Romney’s new Utah house [Matt Canham and Thomas Burr/The Salt Lake Tribune]

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