What the Moon would look like if it were the same distance from Earth as the International Space Station

The Moon is about 400,000 kilometers from Earth. The International Space Station is 1000 times closer to Earth. What would the Moon look like at 420 kilometers from Earth? YetiPC1 made a video visualization. Don't miss Yeti's other amusing video that shows how much the US national debt grows each day, in the form of gold bars getting dumped on a table.

(Thanks, Matthew)

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  1. That's also what the International Space Station would look like if it were the size, shape and texture of the moon.


  2. Truly horrifying. Especially the eclipse - I could hear the creepers spawning.

  3. The Moon would eventually (quickly?) be distorted & disintegrated by being inside the Roche limit.

    A bonus would be a ring system around Earth.

  4. Ratel says:

    I also don't see the mile high tidal waves.

  5. What the space-station-moon would like like if I photographed it:

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