HOWTO protect yourself from Internet surveillance, EFF edition

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Danny O'Brien has ten important suggestions for things you can do right now to minimize the extent to which you are surveilled on the Internet. The most important one for me is number ten:

10. Be an ally. If you understand and care enough to have read this far, we need your help. To really challenge the surveillance state, you need to teach others what you've learned, and explain to them why it's important. Install OTR, Tor and other software for worried colleagues, and teach your friends how to use them. Explain to them the impact of the NSA revelations. Ask them to sign up to Stop Watching Us and other campaigns against bulk spying. Run a Tor node, or hold a cryptoparty. They need to stop watching us; and we need to start making it much harder for them to get away with it.

Ten Steps You Can Take Right Now Against Internet Surveillance

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  1. I don't know. I precisely think that "being an ally" is the easiest way to get into trouble with surveillance people.

    All of those solutions only serve for your guardians to label you a criminal until proven wrong, or average joes labeling you crazy. Even in this reality of paranoia-becoming-true, when someone talks about people spying on us over the internet, most people still thinks of a tin-hat-wearing guy.

    And, seriously, who in his right mind would use tor? It's been already proven a target for the NSA, and I don't think a tool used by pedophiles is something anyone should get involved with. All you need for your life to be destroyed is being suspected of being a pedo, you don't even need to be one.
    Even before it was admittedly compromised, Tor was already too dubious. I bet the presence of tor in a computer or phone is more than enough grounds to be suspected of criminal activity from the POV of the law enforcers, and I am sure juries will accept it as evidence. Why would this person use tor if he has nothing to hide?

    Until there are strong laws against warrantless mass data collection on citizens, any noise we make can be considered a subversive act, or easily twisted in our detriment. I don't want to be a martyr for a cause we can't really fight unless every single one of us gets to it.
    I was born on the edge of poverty, getting in trouble with the law will cost my entire life. I'll play it safe, thank you very much.

  2. Ya, that is my problem with Tor as well, the pedo garbage. I can't run an exit node if there is a chance I will get into trouble for child porn being passed through it. Nor do I want to aid people trading that in any way.

    Perhaps that is just part of the price one must pay if they want to help ensure people who really need masked communications have access to it.

    The rest of the risks I don't care about.

  3. Congratulations on your first post!

  4. Don't worry to much about the pedophile using TOR. There is probably a pedophile are probably using Google, yahoo and any other major site. There is probably a pedophile using a car and a computer. People don't stop using those tool because a pedophile use them. A lot of people use TOR for legitimate privacy purpose and anybody claiming that all TOR user are pedophile is just ridiculing himself.

  5. can someone from the NSA confirm this? kthx.

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